Assorted Items

Our RK assorted items collection covers all your everyday needs. Carefully selected and sourced, our products guarantee exceptional quality and authentic flavors. Whether you're seasoning your dishes with our premium salts or enjoying the traditional taste of Soya Wadi and Jaggery, our assorted items collection is here to enhance your culinary experience.

Dry Coconut

Net wt. 200 G

Soya Wadi

Net wt. 200 G / 400 G

Lump Sugar

Net wt. 100 G

Lemon Salt

Net wt. 100 G

Black Salt

Net wt. 100 G


Net wt. 500 G

Masala Pappad

Net wt. 270 G

Kerala Pappad

Net wt. 270 G

Himalayan Pink Salt

Net wt. 400 G


Net wt. 1 KG / 2 KG / 5 KG


Net wt. 150 G / 500 G

Table Salt

Net wt. 1 KG