Discover the finest RK rice varieties that guarantees exceptional taste and texture for your culinary creations. Each grain is carefully sourced and processed to ensure superior taste, texture, and aroma. Whether you're cooking a hearty biryani or a fragrant pulao, our rice will be the perfect foundation for your flavorful dishes.

Basmati Rice XXXL

Net wt. 1 KG / 2 KG / 5KG

Jeerakashala (Ghee) Rice

Net wt. 1 KG / 2 KG / 5KG

White Rice

Net wt. 1 KG / 2 KG / 5 KG

Sella Rice

Net wt. 2KG / 5 KG

Parboiled Rice – US Style Rice

Net wt. 5 KGS

Palakkadan Matta Rice

Net wt. 5 KG

Thanjavoor Ponni Rice

Net wt. 2 KG / 5 KG

Sona Masoori Rice

Net wt. 1 KG / 5 KG

Egyptian Rice

Net wt. 1 KG

Matta Rice – Broken

Net wt. 1 KG

Idly Rice

1 KG

Poha Red

Net wt. 400 G

Poha White

Net wt. 200 G / 400G

Burgol White

Net wt. 500 G


Net wt. 500 G


Net wt. 500 G